Building relationships that last.

Maidens & Braves

Maidens & Braves provides activities for mothers and sons and mothers and daughters (K - 5th) to have fun and learn from each other.

Maidens & Braves meet in a group or tribe, there is a monthly meeting where we get together to discuss upcoming events do an arts and crafts project together, have a snack and have fun.

If you’re interested in joining we will match you up with a tribe made up of members from the same school as your son or daughter.

There is a yearly fee to join and fundraising throughout the year reduces costs for activities like the Fall and Spring camp out.

Stop by one of our upcoming events, send us an email and let us know you’re coming.

Some events throughout the year:

  • Spring and Fall Campouts
  • Bowling Party
  • Pinewood Derby Races
  • Swim Party
  • Skating Party